SkyCorp Distributions, one of the leading retailers in South Africa, has successfully introduced the amazing Uoni range from Japan to the South African market. Uoni, a Japanese-based company, was looking for a reliable distributor to help them break into the South African market. SkyCorp Distributions saw the opportunity and seized it. They immediately became one of the first retailers to supply companies with the Uoni range.
One of the most popular Uoni models is the Uoni V980 Ultra Plus, a top-of-the-range robotic vacuum. SkyCorp Distributions recognized that the vacuum accessories, such as the replacement dust bags and roller brushes, were also in demand. They made sure that these were available to buyers and sellers, giving them peace of mind that they wouldn't have to buy a new vacuum due to unavailability of accessories. SkyCorp Distributions, with their wide list of dealers, resellers, and online platforms such as Takealot, made sure that the Uoni range was accessible to everyone.
SkyCorp Distributions didn't stop there. They are currently working closely with the Uoni developers on a new range. This new range will also be distributed in South Africa as soon as the product has been finalized after product testing. SkyCorp Distributions also assists in the warehousing and after-sales support for this Japanese-based company in South Africa.
Thanks to SkyCorp Distributions, Uoni has become a success in South Africa. They have introduced this amazing range to a new market, and it has been well received. Customers are pleased with the product, and with the availability of accessories and after-sales support, they have peace of mind knowing they have a reliable product. SkyCorp Distributions is proud to be a part of the success story of Uoni in South Africa.