SkyCorp Distributions has become the main distributor for Restube in South Africa, a German-based company that has produced an innovative safety product for water sports enthusiasts. With the assistance of SkyCorp and the resellers they supply, Restube is rapidly becoming a safety standard for many water sports in the country.

Restube is a compact and lightweight device that can be worn around the waist, providing a buoyancy aid in emergency situations. It can be easily inflated with a single pull of the trigger, making it an essential piece of equipment for anyone participating in water sports activities. SkyCorp has been instrumental in bringing Restube to the South African market and has played a key role in its success.

Thanks to SkyCorp's expertise in distribution and marketing, Restube is now widely available in certain fishing stores, as well as on popular online platforms like Takealot. Furthermore, SkyCorp is currently in the process of obtaining SABS approval for Restube, which will further enhance the product's credibility and reputation in South Africa.

SkyCorp Distributions also handles all after-sales assistance for Restube in South Africa, ensuring that customers receive the best possible service and support. In addition to distribution and after-sales support, SkyCorp also handles all warehousing for Restube in South Africa, ensuring that the product is readily available to resellers and customers.

In conclusion, Restube, a company based in Germany, has achieved great success in South Africa thanks to the efforts of SkyCorp Distributions. With SkyCorp's help, Restube is now a safety standard for all fishing competitions in the country and is becoming increasingly popular among water sports enthusiasts.